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 Nova Scotia Minerals: Antimonyspacer

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Elemental Antimony

West Gore Sb, Au Deposit
Zone 20
 Northing 4992010 / 4992270 / 4992260 / 4992520 / 4992510
 Easting 437320 / 437920 / 437750 / 437090 / 437900

 Sulphide in the main ore vein occurs in lenses 15.24 to 18.29 m in diameter and 15.24 to 60.96 cm thick. Up until 1905 the ore was hand-cobbed at the mine giving high grade ore running 40% Sb. The ore was shipped to England. The low grade ore containing good Au values comprised 90% of the total output of the mine. It is reported that much of this material was left on the scaffolds or as backfill in the mine. The ore is composed primarily of stibnite with some native antimony, native gold, arsenopyrite, pyrite, and minor silver. The stibnite, where weathered, has oxidized to orange kermesite and white valentinite. The pyrite and arsenopyrite occur as small crystals shot through the slaty filling. In places, the pyrite carries considerable native gold. The slaty filling is reported to assay 0.15 oz/ton Au (Haley). The Au is also reported to show an affinity for carbonate.

 NSMOD #E04-001
Further Info:
 see the ns mineral database
Other Minerals:
 stibnite, native gold, arsenopyrite, pyrite, kermesite valentinite, silver


 Cleavage: basal, perfect in one direction

 Colour: tin-white to steel gray tarnishing to darker gray

 Fracture: uneven

 Hardness: 3 - 3.5

 Luster: metallic, tarnishing to dull

 Streak: tin-white to gray

 Possible Useage: minor antimony ore, mineral specimen

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