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 Nova Scotia Minerals: Pyrolusitespacer

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Manganese Dioxide
Black Manganese

Wright Property Mn, Minasville, Hants County
Zone 20
 Northing 5014460
 Easting 437220
 NSMOD #E05-023,
Fletcher, H., 1893: Geology map of Noel area; Geological Survey of Canada, Old Series Map #64, Scale 1:63 360
Further Info:
 Located approximately 500m south of the Minasville school house (the occurrence can be accessed by an old woods road behind the school)

Red sandstone is exposed in the trenches and is the major rock type within the adjacent dumps. Coatings and veinlets of pyrolusite occur along fractures within the sandstone. Manganese also occurs along bedding planes, up to 3cm thick.

Between the late 1800's and early 1900's, two shafts were sunk and several pits and trenches were sunk.
Other Minerals:
 Add'l Mineralization


 Cleavage: good in two directions forming prisms, but rarely seen except in rare large crystals

 Colour: black to steel-grey and bluish grey

 Fracture: conchoidal to uneven

 Hardness: 6 in crystals, but aggregates can be as soft as 4 or 5

 Luster: metallic to dull

 Streak: black

 Possible Useage: major ore of manganese, mineral specimen

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