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 Nova Scotia Minerals: Limonitespacer

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hydrated iron oxides
(also known as Goethite)

Ardoise Hill Ochre, Hants County
Zone 20
 Northing 4978400
 Easting 426315
 Several deposits of ochre were prospected in the area of the community of Ardoise, Hants County in the years preceeding 1923. The exact location of the deposits are somewhat in question even though a reasonably good sketch map is provided in the only reference to the exploration effort (Flynn, 1923).
 NSMOD #D13-010, Assessment Report 11D/13C 25-I-03(01)
Further Info:

 The deposits are bog Fe deposits of hydrated ochre that occur in a farm area around a pair of streams. The larger of the 2 sites on the Borden land covers an circular area of some 75 m diameter. The smaller Borden land deposit covers an area about half as large. The deposit on the Davis land is elongate nort-south and is roughly 90 by 40 m. At all 3 sites the ochre occurs within less than a metre of surface, with the ochre-rich material being in the order of a few centimeters to 1.3 m thick.

Flynn (1923) provides the only known description of the exploration done on the ochre deposits at Ardoise Hill. The prospect consists of 3 main deposits, 2 on the Borden farm and 1 on the Davis' land 400 m to the east. The northern of the 2 on the Borden land is considered to be the largest with a tonnage of 2700 tons estimated by auger holes drilled on 15 m centres. The southern of the Borden deposits is estimated to contain 620 tons and the Davis deposit has 1480 tons.

Other Minerals:
 ochre, fe-oxide


 Cleavage: absent

 Colour: yellow, orange, reddish brown, brownish black

 Fracture: crumbly or earthy

 Hardness: 4 - 5.5

 Luster: earthy to dull

 Streak: brownish yellow to yellow

 Possible Useage: Important iron ore, pigment, mineral specimen

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