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 Nova Scotia Minerals: Knebelitespacer

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Cain And Riddle Mn Mines And Marpic Shaft, Lunenburg County
Zone 20
 Northing 4966510 / 4966840 / 4967220
 Easting 385090 / 385460 / 385830
 The Cain and Riddle Mn Mine and the Marpic shaft is a past-producing Mn mine, located about 9 km north of Mill Road, Lunenburg County. The mine was accessed by way of a woods road starting at Mill Road near the southwest end of Wallaback Lake. The three sites of workings that comprise this deposit are found within 800 m of each other on a northeast-trending vein system formed in a prominent fault zone (O'Reilly et al., 1982).
 NSMOD #A16-007 extensive info in the database
Further Info:
 Manganese oxides, pyrolusite, manganite and psilomelane occur in lenticular veins, ranging in thickness from a few cm to 2 m. The veins occur within the fault zone with brick-red hematite-ochre breccia and pinch and swell along much of their length.
Other Minerals:
 pyrolusite, barite, knebelite, smectite, manganite, psilomelane, hematite, goethite, limonite, calcite, apatite, rhodochrosite



 Colour: black


 Hardness: 6

 Luster: metallic

 Streak: brown grey

 Possible Useage:

 More Info: Mineralogy Database