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 Nova Scotia Minerals: Germanitespacer

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Meat Cove Zn Deposit, Inverness County
Zone 20
 Northing 5208730 / 5208360 / 5208160
 Easting 682840 / 683150 / 683150

 The Mine Road leads south from the Meat Cove-Lowland Cove Road, approximately 3.2 km west of the village of Meat Cove (200 m west of the juncture of the road with French Brook). The Northwest Zone is exposed along a brook valley, a short distance west of the Mine Road, approximately 600 m south of the juncture of the Mine Road with the Meat Cove-Lowland Cove Road. Coordinates 2: Adit Zone The adit is located along the Mine Road, approximately 500 m southeast of the Northwest Zone. It was driven on a steep east dipping slope, along the south side of a tributary of French Brook. The discovery outcrop is located along this tributary, approximately 70 m northeast of the adit portal. Coordinates 3: South Trench Zone Two large trenches are found on top of the hill, approximately 200-300 m south of the Adit Portal.

  NSMOD #N02-002
Further Info:

 The Meat Cove Deposit is primarily a Zn deposit in which sphalerite is the dominant sulphide mineral. The sphalerite occurs as coarse grained massive crystalline aggregates, as disseminations, as bands and as veins. Chatterjee (1979) reported that sphalerite commonly replaces brucite, antigorite and pyrite. He also noted that the most significant Zn-mineralization occurs as a replacement of forsterite bearing units within the magnesian alteration zone. Other minerals reported to occur within the deposit include pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, galena, graphite, fluorite, arsenopyrite, stannite, germanite and renierite. Pyrite, which is the second most common sulphide mineral, occurs as independent crystals and aggregate masses.

Other Minerals:
 sphalerite, fluorite, arsenopyrite, marcasite, stannite, braunite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, renierite, galena, chalcopyrite, graphite


 Cleavage: absent

 Colour: brown or red gray


 Hardness: 3

 Luster: metallic

 Streak: dark grey

 Possible Useage: germanium

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