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 Nova Scotia Minerals: Gahnitespacer

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Zinc Aluminum Oxide

Walker Moly Prospect, Lunenburg County
Zone 20
 Northing 4958460
 Easting 387970

 The Walker Moly Prospect is found 140 m south of the Vaughan-New Ross Road at the community of New Russell, Lunenburg County. New Russell is 6.4 km east of New Ross, a village on Highway 12. A swampy area and brook separates the prospect from the road, so best access is to the workings is by following a woods road along the south border of the swamp (O'Reilly et al., 1982). The woods road leads west from a secondary road that goes from the Vaughan-New Ross Road toward Round Lake. The entrance to the woods road is 100 m south of the paved Vaughan-New Ross Road. Follow the woods road west for 240 m to its terminus at the prospect.

 NSMOD #A16-010,  Extensive info available, see the database.
The location for this prospect indicated on NSDNR Map 88-15 (Corey, 1988) is wrong. The correct coordinates are provided in this occurrence entry.
Further Info:

A shaft at the site is water filled and a cement cap has been placed over it for safety reasons. A waste rock dump surrounds the shaft and is heavily overgrown.
This prospect is an excellent mineral collecting location. Time spent rummaging through the waste rock dump will yield excellent specimens of molybdenite and bornite. The more exotic minerals reported from the prospect are less common and occur disseminated in the greisen selvages.

Other Minerals:
 molybdenite, chalcopyrite, bornite, wolframite, cassiterite, native bismuth, uraninite, wittichenite, mawsonite


 Cleavage: absent

 Colour: green, also known to be blue, yellow, brown or gray

 Fracture: conchoidal

 Hardness: 7.5 - 8.0

 Luster: vitreous

 Streak: gray

 Possible Useage: mineral specimen

 More Info: Mineral Gallery, Mineralogy Database